Thursday, June 9, 2011

1984 vs. anything else.

My mother always tells me to stop reading at the dinner table and at my grandmother's house and in church and in math class and whatnot. She says that it's rude and it's more fun to talk plus it makes people feel like my book is much more interesting than they are.

The semi-unfortunate fact of the matter is this: Often, books are more interesting than people. 

I mean, personally, I'd often rather read about George Orwell's 1949 vision of what 1984 would be like than listen to someone talk about the funeral they attended this morning.

I sing about spooning at church functions.*
All my love,
*Fact. I sang You & I by Ingrid Michealson.


Haley said...

you did great on your song today addy! we laughed at that part... :)

Sarah Jo said...

Your song was so perfect for you :)
Definitely had Addy written all over it.
And it was sung perfectly said...

Darling, text me. I lost your number.

Plus, we need to play.