Thursday, May 19, 2011


Gretchen and Mckenna:

I always forget that the two of you read my blog, considering you a) never comment, and b) we don't talk all too often. Then you throw my own words back at me and it totally freaks me out - e.g. "Did you really kiss someone?"

I really, really like the two of you. In fact, I want to be better friends with you because you are obviously very adorable and intelligent.

So let's be friends and actually discuss things. Or you can just comment to remind me of the fact that you read my blog.

All my love,


Makenna Lee said...


a) I absolutely love your blog and your outstanding writing voice. You've inspired me to actually enjoy writing!
b) I love your eccentric and creative style. You enjoy yourself and take pride in being different! Again, inspiring to pursue my individuality.
c) In fact, I would love to be better friends with you!

Makenna Lee


Comment: I read your blog. ;)

Gretchen said...


Would a ditto suffice??
Will I miss you not being in my English class next year?
Am I completely jealous of your red hair?
Do I think friends sounds marvelous?

The answer to all these questions??

Yes ma'am.


P.S. I tried to stalk that kid you were telling us about.... Yeah, I failed.