Monday, April 4, 2011

My life is beginning to look like a relatively bad independent film.

All events in this movie were based on real life.
Cinematography: exceptional.
Soundtrack will consist of (but is not limited to): "Red Rabbits" by The Shins, "A Thing for Me" by Metronomy, several Nevershoutnever pieces, and probably something by Frank Sinatra.

Femme Fatal (me): bookish, writerly, oh-so-single. Never been in love. Outspoken. Rather intelligent. Enjoys clothing and good music. Not completely unfortunate looking. Likes boys who are tall, skinny, well-dressed, and cultured - the "you're totally going to fall in love with someone who fits all your criteria and then find out he's gay and be totally heartbroken" joke has been made more than once.

Leading Man (unnamed male whom I occasionally associate with*): tall, well-dressed, musical. Obviously ultra-attractive. Skinny. Listens to good music. Orders good food.

Femme Fatal meets Leading Man through friend of a friend of a friend. Femme Fatal falls for Leading Man. Leading Man and Femme Fatal talk and become friends. Leading Man and Femme Fatal flirt (or so Femme Fatal thinks).

Twist in plot: a script moment:
Femme Fatal: (says something about kissing in passing)
Leading Man: I don't really kiss girls?
Femme Fatal: Have you ever kissed anyone?
Leading Man: Listen, this can't get around. Okay?
Femme Fatal: Okay.
Leading Man: I definitely have a boyfriend who I've had for a year.
Femme Fatal: (stuggles not to correct his usage of "who" to "whom" before realizing what this actually means)

Fade to black. Credits roll.

No moshing.
All my love,

*Disclaimer: This is not Cache, nor is it Jed. Worry not.


CaLea said...

'tis true that most of the attractive men in the world these days fall under this category. It's awkward. Oh well.

timtincher said...


Kimberly said...
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Kimberly said...

This is Kimberly Pellegrini.
And before I read the disclaimer...
I had a small heart attack. Hope you're happy