Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little bodies.

I dislike my thighs. In fact, to be frank, I hate my thighs.

Also, I hate my hips and my butt and my waist and the small layer of softish fat that seems to encompass my entire body. But you know what I do like? My eyelashes.

I really, really, really like my own eyelashes.

That will be all.

Umbrellas catch the tears the clouds cry.
All my love,

P.S. I know I shouldn't complain about my own body, because it is in my own control. But at this exact moment, while my body is experiencing the repercussions of 16 years of my horrendous eating habits, I am not happy with it. So it's my own fix and I should not complain.
P.P.S. I'm really worried about putting this post on the air. The part you should pay attention to is the part about eyelashes. Just focus on that, please.


Kaitlyn said...

I've got a perfect body.
But sometimes I forget.
I've got a perfect body, cause my eyelashes catch my sweat.

Kaitlyn said...

That's what Regina Spektor taught me.

Avery Jalaine said...

Addy has the perfect butt and everyone knows it.

Nice call, Kaitlyn.

p.s. today was region for choir and all these American Fork kids came streaming in and I was quite hoping that you'd be one of them, dear Addy. But you weren't.

Emily said...

I love your eyelashes as well. They are gorgeous.
And don't worry. My 17 years have caught up with me as well. I feel ya sister.