Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fact versus fiction.

Fact: Third term is officially over tomorrow.
Fiction: My grades are perfect.

Fact: Avery's birthday is today.
Fiction: She has a drivers license and is very legally allowed to drive us places, because she is 17.

Fact: I wore a dress and rain boots today.
Fiction: No one made fun.

Fact: I got a good grade in math.
Fiction: It was an A.

Fact: I read Harry Potter.
Fiction: I don't reread the entire series about once every three months.
Fiction: I don't compare most things in life to Harry/Luna/Hogwarts/Dumbledore/Voldemort.

Fact: Love exists.
Fiction: My love live is in full swing.

Fact: Matt Pokrus, Morgan Nelson, Emily Luse, Katie Thueson, Mallory Ash, Hannah Shill and Madison Russon all owe me notes.
Fiction: They're going to give them to me soon.

Yes, yes. We are magicians.
All my love,


morgan jo said...

Eh hem (clear of the throat.)
I actually wrote the past due note is fourth period. It shall be delivered to those lovely hands of yours at exactly 11:11 tomorrow.


E. Luse said...

yes, yes. we are magicians :) great song!