Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 26: Oh, how I am scared.

I am scared of many things. Knives and spiders and snakes and sharks and knives and the dark and the discontinuation of Ramen Noodles and knives and... Did I mention knives? I'm very afraid of knives. It's normal.

But in real life, I have real fears. Sometimes I pretend to be a superhuman to impress/fool no one other than myself. My real life fears are as follows:

1.) Not being able to rely upon myself. I am afraid of getting into a car accident or being stabbed in the liver with a knife or something and not being able to rely upon myself to make my own breakfast. I have big dreams involving independence.
2.) Never ever finding love. This is a real fear worth fearing in my life. It honestly is, because I honestly worry that I may never fall in love. Boys do not actually fall at my feet and I am helplessly picky. I've never been kissed and there is only one boy that I can see myself kissing. But let's be honest, he's never actually going to kiss me/love me back. It is not fine.
3.) Not living out my dreams. I have a list of so many things I want to do with my life. College (major universities), career, game shows, fashion shows, Broadway, etc. My biggest, deepest fear is that I will not achieve these things. My mother always says, "Leave the doors open so that you can do anything," which really only means, "Get perfect grades so that you can do anything."
4.) Knives.
5.) I am terrified of death. Obviously. Because in the event of my death, I would not be able to rely on myself, fall in love, or live out my dreams. Also, there are probably knives in death.

I took off my makeup and now I look pretty.
All my love,

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Avery Jalaine said...

Addy Baird, you've got some nice fears.

I'm scared of knives, too. Especially the kind that can cut a penny in the CUTCO demonstrations.