Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 24: The reason behind my tears.

I cried over a boy once. Sometimes I cry simply because it makes me feel better. I believe in "happy tears" and in crying them when things go exactly perfect.

I mostly cry because I put a lot of faith in the world. I believe it is a good place full of good people who are selfless and genuine even when I am not. I loose it when I remember that this isn't always true.

But the same the that tortures me (having too much faith in the world) lights my eyes. If nothing else, I believe this: Underneath it all, people are good. The world is beautiful - full of beautiful people and beautiful things. The world is full of chocolate covered strawberries and kissing and little letters and indian costumes.

My world is beautiful because I allow it to exist as such. How are you allowing your world to exist?

One day we will all be fragments of our imaginations.
All my love,


Katie said...

Who kissed in your driveway?!


Shelbie Jude said...

"one day, we will all be fragments of our imaginations. hey. that was kind of profound." oh addy, how i adore you.

also. i think we should make a joint club-library. because i love dancing and reading about the same.