Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 18: Joyeux anniversaire.

A few days ago I was helping my nana move into her new house. I got put in charge of the books (because books are my favorite material possessions) on the shelf downstairs. In the midst of the craziness and tossing of books and yelling up to my mother and dancing about to a little Eurythmics, I came across a journal.

I opened it up. My nanas. From the year I was born. (Heaven sent this to me, I presume.)

I flipped to the thirteenth of August.

Sure enough. There it was. She had written about the day I was born and everything she was feeling. She wrote about my mom and how happy she was to finally have a granddaughter. I read it and I cried.

That was my favorite birthday. The one we actually celebrate everything because of.

People watching should become your favorite pastime.
All my love,

P.S. Dear Anonymous Commenter,
Feel free to comment often, because your comment made my whole week. Do I know you in real life?
In response to your question, I am terrified to announce who this boy is because, in facebook language, "it's complicated" and he probably doesn't love me back, but I sometimes think that he might and it gives me grief and I don't want the whole world/whole blogosphere knowing who it is. If I know you in real life, I'll totally tell you.
J&K = Jake and Katie.
Thank you so much for reading this little blog.
All my love to you, Addy

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morgan said...

haha moment of the day, i was there. Ha, you and hannah make me smile :)

plus, on our girls night, slash, play -date, we are doing our nails like that.


that is all.