Friday, January 7, 2011

Not in real life. (Plus, in real life, I'm a psychic.)

Our relationship in real life goes sort of like this: he laughs when I say something cute/funny/sarcastic/witty/stupid/really stupid/charming and I wonder "Is this love??" and catch glimpses of his lovely smile out of the corner of my eye when I am supposed to be doing something productive.

But it could potentially be sort of like this maybe (in fake life, probably): we hold hands sometimes and people say, "They love each other" when they see us together and we might go to the symphony or see a play occasionally and it would be cute.

In other news, I'm a psychic. Once upon a time I guessed who Kaitlyn loved (find a link to him here!) and today I guessed who Chloe loved(whom I completely adore on so many levels, by the way - Chloe, I mean, not the boy she loves). Plus, I took a test once and it told me "You have heightened psychic abilities maybe and you're pretty." (Okay, in real life it only said the first part of that. It's fine.)

I hope you had a beautiful day. Cause you deserve as much.

Do not diet cause it's ultra-dangerous and not very fun.
Enjoy the ride,

(Kidding. It's Addy. All my love.)


Cam said...

BAHAHA... I love this post for the following reasons:

A) I'm mentioned
B) You wrote you adore me on many levels
C) The bit about the test is rather funny
D) I think you're rather witty
E) You wrote about him.


P.S. I think you're pretty.

P.P.S. Can I drive you home more often?

P.S.P.S. I learned once that the preceding acronyms are the appropriate ways to do multiple post scripts.

Cam said...

Oh. and...

F) You signed off as Ben. I did enjoy that story. I went to his blog and read through all his sign offs as you.

Ben said...

You sly dog!

Ben said...


I considered acting like I didn't notice, but then I remembered you did it first and it wouldn't be quite as comical.

You're funny.


Kaitlyn said...


I don't think that one part (you know I am talking about) is legal for you to post about on the world wide web. without my consent.

I didn't give you any consent.

normally, i would kill you, but I love you too much.

you're crazy and i love you very much.