Monday, January 10, 2011

Dear Bandwagon: Is there room for me on this thing? Love, Addy

Day 01: Introduce me. Pictures and words.

figure 01.
figure 02.
figure 03.

Some part of me wants to be the woman in figure 01: classy, sophisticated, overdressed. And another piece of me wants to be the girl in figure 02 with messy hair and eclectic clothing. But I am nothing more than the girl in figure 03. & I am happy about that. I am green-eyed and sandy-haired and freckle-faced. I am in love with my backdoor neighbor, infatuated with a boy who is wildly intelligent, find Dakota Gosselmeyer (or whatever his crazy last name is) to be cute, and only now coming to reality with my romantic interest in all three of them. My favorite color is grey. I have exceedingly long eyelashes, and I love them. I am me. That is all.
If you're positively dying to know more about me, click here (it's just an old post about myself, really). Or keep reading for the next 30 days. You know, either or. [Edit: the hyperlink doesn't work, does it? Ha. Ha. Looks like you'll just have to read the bandwagon posts.]

Be euphoric about something worth being euphoric about.
All my love,

P.S. You bet I just snapped figure 03 from my computer photobooth.

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