Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's fine.

Sometimes I'm like, "Waaaah! I have the worst life ever!" And then other times I'm all, "My life is the best life of all the lives! Yayy!" And then I feel bipolar. It's fine.

Also, last night, I danced with my headphones in - a full on dance, with leaps and turns and pointed toes and all that jazz - on a sidewalk in Salt Lake City. People looked at me weird. It's fine.

Cookies with raisins in them are mostly only salads.
All my love, Addy


timtincher said...

It's fine. My slogan. Ah. I love freaking people out in Salt Lake. You ARE my mother. :) Love you! :)

McKenzie said...

hey ms. addy sue. you were in my dream last night. you were the fabulous you: fun, spirited, helpful, and very kind. you were helping me with some project, and my crazy cute kids. you are awesome. have an amazing day!