Monday, November 8, 2010

I am scared of something.

It's called waking up one morning and being old. Like, very old. Like, thirty or something.... Anyway. I'm very scared of waking up one morning and being old and thinking, "I haven't done anything with my life." And therefore, I am going to start a bucket list. I would invite all of you to join me - please. But that's your choice. (Bi, Kat, Ave, Hayles, and Kaitlyn, you have no choice. You are just required to do a lot of these things with me.) Well. Today is my hundredth post! Huzzah. I'm very happy with the way this little blog has turned out, aren't you? Nonetheless, ladies and gentlemen. The Bucket List (or part of it at least):

1. Be on Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right, Jeopardy or some funny game show like that.
2. Learn to yodel.
3. Go to Asia.
4. Go to Europe.
5. Eat something terrible tasting that I can brag about for a while.
6. Kiss on the first date.
7. Attend Midnight Mass.
8. Substitute a high school class.
8b. Be the coolest sub they've ever had.
9. Perform on Broadway.
10. Graduate from high school.
11. Throw a giant 11/11/11 party.
12. Be on a late-night talk show.
13. Get into a great college back east.
13b. Graduate from that college.
14. Get my drivers licence.
15. Meet a celebrity.
15b. And also possibly pet their hair.
15c. Unless that'll get me a restraining order.
16. Dye my hair.
17. Get a really cool job with bragging rights.
18. Pretend to be a man for an entire day.
19. Speak with a British accent for several days in succession.
20. Go on a huge shopping spree.
21. Pull an all-nighter on a school night.
22. Ask a stranger on a date.
23. Accept a dare.
24. Be on the news.
24b. People aren't only on the news because they do bad stuff like rob old ladies, okay?
25. Have a song I sing on Itunes.
26. See a million or so of my favorite musicians in concert.
27. Reject the boy every girl is dying for.
28. Wear stilettos where they aren't usually worn.
29. Live alone.
29b. In the coolest apartment/condo/house ever to be.
30. Have a fantastic photoshoot with people I love.
31. Buy a wedding gown.
31b. Get married.
31c. And try not to get divorced.
32. Ride in an actual train.
32b. Trax so does not count.
33. Dance solo with a professional company.
34. Be voted "Best Dressed."
35. Sleep past noon.
36. Crash a wedding.
37. Get a tattoo.
38. Get my typewriter fixed.
39. Play a game of quidditch.
39b. Because quidditch is now a real, actual sport. I promise you. Here's the link. even said so. They're very reliable. I'm being totally serious here.

I think that's sufficient for now. Who's joining me?
Go play quidditch.
All my love, Addy.
(Comment and tell me which numbers you're joining me for. We start now.)


Bianca said...

1. Except maybe not Jeopardy. I would end up in debt just for playing.
3+4. Travel the world? Yes. I can take you to Europe and meet my extremely attractive-but married-uncle.
6. I hope we can go on a double-date someday. Yes.
9. I will come watch you perform. Because that's all i can possibly do, with my lack of acting abilities.
10. I hope to do this anyways. :)
11. Coincidentally happens to be #11 on your list. I hope this was planned. I will come.
16. I've done this already.
20. Doesn't every girl have this aspiration?
30. Does this include me? If so, then of course I will join.
39. Quidditch. I call being slugger.

Avery Jalaine said...

Addy, you are a charming girl and your mind is quirky and incredible and this post is adorable and I love you and thanks for posting usually regularly and also for being Addy.

I would most likely do all of these things with you, but here are a few that stand out:

2. Yes. Oh, hands-down yes.
4. Go to Europe. France and England, please please.
6. I don't want to kiss you on our first date, but I support this decision. If he's cute enough.
11. Yes. YES. We're doing this.
13. Or on the west coast....
15b. And also possibly pet their hair. <-- how come you are so funny?!
18. Hahahahahaha...
19. Basically.
25. kewl.
27. :(
28. The beach?
31b. I'll be there.
35. Wow, I'm already on top of that one..
37. You rebel..
38. Jealousjealousjealous.
39. Heck yes.

Why are you so great? It's a mystery..