Sunday, September 5, 2010

Well, now that we've all cried and worn lipstick...

I feel like we're all being terribly too sad and melancholy. I hope you have a better day, all of you. So please, take a list of things that make you terribly happy. Then, comment and tell me that it made you a little happier and go back to your own blog and do the same! Happiness is contagious, you know. So please, infect everyone.(:
Happiest thing on earth? I think yes.
YOU, my love, are classy and fabulous.
High fashion modeling shots never fail to make me smile.
Vintage clothing and tea... Hello happiness.
Summer. I. Love. Summer.
This is true.
The Beatles, of course!
I always smile at security cameras and hope someone notices.
I love old shorts. They remind me of summer. And summer is just happy.
Shoes are happy as can be.
These shoes are happy cause they're blue and old. Old=loved. Loved=happy.
And fairy tales are happy.
Follow your heart and you shall be happy in the end.
I shall live back East one day and wear beanies and drink overpriced Starbucks. And it will be happy.
Whoever came up with this, will you marry me? Cause it made my day.

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