Monday, September 27, 2010

I sort of live in my own little world sometimes.

Occasionally I leave this crazy mad little world and go off to my own little place. I like my little place. But I sometimes go to my own little place only cause I hate this world. Sometimes I go there and take all of my friends with me. And sometimes I am really really happy because real life is exactly like my own little world.
Things that happened in both fake and real world this day (slash weekend):
1.) People are nice.
2.) I have friends at my school that I love.
3.) I run into Avery and Katie and Bre at places like Cafe Rio.
4.) We walk approximately eleven and a half yards westward and run into Roah!
5.) We be sassy to Talon Shumway. Cause we can. Cause he's mean. And it's fun.
6.) We drink more Starbucks than eat actual food.
7.) We dance. Everywhere.
8.) I get good grades and understand math.
9.) School gets cut in half for a little while and we spend a lot of time at places that aren't school.
10.) Angel Boys ask for my number.
11.) The world appreciates good music and sings loudly.
12.) People fall in love. (KATIE.) (and myself a little maybe!)
13.) Turns out I actually love my school. We're ghetto and we're uber awesome.
14.) Everyone smiles. Cause we can.(:
15.) Everyone lives, really lives, instead of simply existing.
16.) And we do wild madness simply because we can.

Today was such a beautiful, beautiful day. One of those days when my own little fantasy world meets the real actual world. I love this day. I am a nobody who has joined with a bunch of other spastic nobodies to leave her past behind. Just because I can.

Be sassy to boys you thought you loved once. Just because you can.
Listen to music really loud instead of listening to your teacher. Just because you can.
Don't wear makeup. Just because you can.
Stay pretty. Just because you can.


Katie said...

Love it. Love you.

Laura said...

that was pretty awesome, addy. and i like how you've done the new site. (:

Avery Jalaine said...

This. Is. Gorgeous.

And I mean the post and the new layout.

Love Marilyn, love you.

Avery Jalaine said...

Oh and also I like the "Moment of This Day.." addition.

That is all.

sarah said...

i love you.
you are wonderful.
and today was wonderful.
we seem to be having alot of wonderful days?
i thik that life is finally wonderful again, and that doesnt mean every moment of everyday is great. its beautiful for that reason, we still feel lonely and sad sometimes, but among all the good at the end of the day, you can still smile and say, life is wonderful. (:

StarFish said...

i'll say it again because i didn't give it justice.
this is so wonderful. i love you. (: