Sunday, May 9, 2010

This week. Mom's day. Jump. Crazy old men.

hello hello.
so, my dance academy went to the Jump Convention this weekend.
i loved every single second of it.
the moments of being screamed at by famous, gorgeous people.
the best part though?
i sent this text during lyrical class:
"I was just invited to sing a "love duet" of Whitney Houston's "I Didn't Know My Own Strength" with a very old gay man in front of a room of 200 dancers. I did it. Without a doubt one of the best four and a half minutes of my life."
seven things i love about mom's in general:
1. they love you. lots and always.
2. they are either really fantastic cooks or really terrible cooks. either way is wonderful.
3. they are nice.
4. they always get angry at you but they love you still.
5. they can be silly sometimes. which is loads of fun.
6. they always tell you you are pretty.
7. they are sweet.

what is your favorite mom trait?
remember: it is not worth fighting for. spread love and spread peace and be kind. you will not regret the joy that love brings.

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