Saturday, May 15, 2010

ohh how i love being me.

i have a really excellent life. it makes me happy to be alive. i just... you know? end of school, which means rules and such things are becoming pointless and rather trivial. i let my hair air-dry today - risky, yes - but i think it turned out okay. it curled pretty. i also wore some old hat that makes me look like a wanna-be white gangsta. ha. i have a big project due in ap on wednesday, but it should bring my grade up a load. plus, it's a lot easier than i thought it would be. i have the most incredible bestie probably ever (kat.. i love you, love) who always makes me happy and supports me soooo much. last night, i somehow ended up at the ninth grade night dance (i basically refused to go, in fear of the horrible tackiness) but i wore an old dress of my mom's that my nana made in the seventies. it was simply awesome. *sigh* that ap test? not that bad. i believe i did well. also, has anyone ever seen the jimmy fallon spoofs "robert is bothered"? seriously, the best things you will ever watch. probably the biggest, best waste of time ever. ever. so have a good life. love living your life, okay? cause you've got only one shot. so learn to love it. can you promise me that?

okay. quickly, kat? i just need to tell all of you and kat, of course, that i love my bestie named kat. God knew i could not do this on my own and he sent me her. that was His gift and His blessing. thank you, love. [:

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