Saturday, January 16, 2010

And So I Shall Ramble On...

In case you were wondering, auditions went very well.
My voice loved me and decided not crack or flip or anything.
I sang On My Own from Les Mis, which is quite possibly my favorite song ever.
I was utterly joyful.
I also saw Pirates of the Caribbean for the first time last night.
I will marry Jack Sparrow.
Well, that is, if my thing with Draco Malfoy doesn't work out.
I also was introduced to a new poem in Honors English yesterday.
This type of poetry is called "found" poetry.
It is when you come across something poetic in an unlikely place, and change the format to create a poem.
It is not, just so you know, plagiarism.
The poem is extremely thought-provoking, but the name is ridiculously simple.
I have googled about a thousand things and have not come up with the article or with the poem.
So I emailed my English teacher and asked her for it.
So it will be here soon.
If any of you are familiar with a 1968 "found" poem called "Parents" you know how I feel about this poem and how very important I think it is that it makes it way out into the world.


Kaitlyn said...

I read that poem. I sat awake in bed for a couple days thinking about it. really don’t even know what to say about it. It’s sad and thought provoking. Anyways, I like it when people comment on my blog so here I am spreading the love! Have a great weekend.

{xo} kaitlyn

Rosander said...

Good for you! Sounds like auditions went well. I can't wait to hear more! I'm glad that you are enjoying your english class. It's so great when you learn something new, or hear something that you love. I can't wait to hear the poem.

McKenzie said...

I'm so glad the auditions went well! And I as well, LOVE On my Own. You will have to sing it sometime. I was so intrigued by the poem, i did a quick search, but no luck. You will have to post it as soon as you get it.