Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Gratitude Experiment/Why I Hate Running

I hate running.
It will never be fun.
And it will never be easy.
And yet, I have to do it anyway.
I don't know. Actually, the
of running are really amazing.
It works like every muscle in your body,
AND kills your cardiovascular system.
Anyway, my dad, my mom, my sister and I ended up going trail running today.
They went a little further than I did, and I promised to run back to the house.
Like I said,
I hate running.
{The Gratitude Experiment}
I decided that for every time that I was hurting,
ready to give up,
or ready to die,
I would think of something that I was grateful for at that very moment.
{I am grateful for legs to carry me home}
{I am grateful for my Ipod to listen to}
{I am grateful for hands to carry that Ipod}
{I am grateful that my heart beats}
{I am grateful for running}
Did I really just think that??
I did.
{I am grateful for running, and the calories it burns so that I can eat more stuffing}

A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

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